Finance Latvia Association, to achieve highest compliance standards, in cooperation with RUSI on 30 August 2019 organizes a high-level discussion on international practices of information-sharing partnerships to fight financial crime.

The focus of the high-level discussion is to provide tone from the top about the necessity to use information-sharing partnerships to fight financial crime, share first lessons learned in Latvia and find the ways for development by learning best practices in other jurisdictions which have introduced similar mechanisms.

Goal of the event is to have high-level and fruitful discussions on the topic with key stakeholders – Minister for Finance, Minister for Justice, Prosecutor General, Head of FIU, Head of Corruption Preventions and Combating Bureau, dignitaries from Ministry of Interior, State Police, Ministry of Finance, Financial and Capital Markets Commission, State Revenue Service, as well as senior and top-level representatives from financial institutions.

Public and private sector partnerships to share information voluntarily is one of the latest and highly valued way to speed-up crime investigation and add make suspicious transaction reports more meaningful. Nevertheless, there is a long way to fully use the potential of such partnerships. Only several countries have introduced an appropriate legal framework and tested it on first real cases, and we can proudly say that Latvia is one of them.

RUSI is one of the UK’s leading think-tank’s studying the impact of information sharing partnerships, and their studies pawed the way to introduce this concept in Latvia. Besides the legal framework, one of the keys to a successful operation is trust-building in order to facilitate willingness to share meaningful information which can be used both for the private and public sector.

Attendance is by invitation only; participants will get 3 CAMS credits.

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