Security sum for review of the complaint

When submitting a complaint to the Ombudsman, a security sum shall be paid for the review of the complaint in the amount of EUR 20. If the Ombudsman leaves the complaint without proceeding as well as if it is satisfied in full or in part, the security sum shall be returned to the person submitting the complaint. In turn, if the investigation case of the complaint is being terminated or the complaint is denied in full, the security sum shall not be returned.


Aivars Graudiņš
Association Ombudsman
+371 287 18175
Details for making a payment:

Finance Latvia Association, reg. No. 4000800217575

Beneficiary bank:

Account No. LV48UNLA0001000700732, SEB banka, code UNLALV2X


20 EUR

Payment purpose:

Security sum for review of the complaint.

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