Luminor has issued leasing funding in the amount of 950 thousand euro for the expansion of the car fleet to the car sharing service provider Carguru. Additional vehicles will allow the company to make the service even more accessible, as well as will provide its users with new mobility solutions and comfortable, sustainable and economy vehicles.

Luminor already started cooperation with Carguru, which is the first car sharing service provider in Latvia, in 2017, when the first 30 shared cars were purchased for the received funding in the amount of 450 thousand euro. In turn, this year, Carguru car fleet will be supplemented with another 46 hybrid cars, which will promote more economical and environmentally friendly movement in the capital and beyond. 

“With the growing popularity of car sharing and following the development of this industry, we have already been supporting Carguru, which offers modern movement solutions for everyday life in Latvia, for several years. The granted funding has allowed Carguru to provide residents with the possibility to use options to rent sustainable cars – hybrid and electric cars, which reduce the negative impact on the environment and allow residents to save time and money by getting to their destination without buying their own private car. We are pleased to be a part of can-do idea projects and support them in their growth”, .

– says Ilze Zoltnere, Head of Luminor Corporate Department in Latvia.

The cars offered by Carguru are suitable for both short trips in the city and longer weekend trips around Latvia, since the cost of using the car is only charged for the time when the car is used. No additional mileage charge applies if mileage does not exceed 100 kilometres. All Carguru cars have automatic transmission and hybrid engines. In January of this year, Carguru car fleet was also supplemented with electric cars, thus promoting the development of electromobility in Latvia.

“Now that working from home is our daily routine, personal cars are used less often, however, regardless of this, regular payments must still be made for them, such as vehicle operation and road taxes, insurance, parking lot and car maintenance costs. Many years of cooperation with Luminor has provided residents in Riga and just beyond a possibility to move greener and more economically, and us – to continue to grow and encourage customers to use modern solutions for the urban environment. We are pro green Riga and people, and not pro cars”,

– says Vladimirs Reskajs, Head of Carguru.

About Carguru:

 Carguru is the first Latvian car sharing service. The use fee includes completely all costs, including fuel, parking and insurance. All operations, including registration, opening and closing the car, are performed using the Carguru mobile app.


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