Luminor bank granted financing in the amount of 350 thousand euro to the private preschool educational institution Mazulītis Rū (Baby Roo) for construction of a new building in Mārupe municipality. The building of the new kindergarten is finished and has commenced work, enrolling 140 pupils, thereby reducing the time of waiting in line for kindergarten for many families.

The financing granted by Luminor has given an opportunity for the preschool education institution Mazulītis Rū to build the kindergarten building, thus increasing the number of places available at the educational institution for new pupils. Altum guarantee of 80% is also applied to the financing. CRAMO modules were used in construction of the new building, providing the environment of the building that is necessary for contemporary teaching and other needs of the kindergarten.

“We started cooperation with SIA Mazulītis Rū already several years ago — up to now we have financed both construction of new premises and renovation and reconstruction of premises. Now, another extensive project has been implemented with our support — construction of a new kindergarten building in Mārupe. We are happy that the granted financing has helped the kindergarten to create modern, functional and high-quality premises for pupils, providing preschool education to a higher number of children,”

– says Ilze Zoltnere, Head of Corporate Department at Luminor in Latvia.


SIA Mazulītis Rū is a private preschool and primary school institution with experience of 20 years, working in Riga city and Mārupe municipality. The company specialises in providing various services, offering baby school classes, kindergarten or preschool education programme for children aged one to seven years and primary school education from 1st to 6th grade.


“Luminor bank has been our partner since 2013 already, and the financing received this year has let us not only improve and commission the company’s premises at both branches in Riga and Mārupe, but also substantially helped to develop overall. We are glad that we can offer a modern and safe learning environment to more and more preschool age children,”

– says Helvijs Stengrevics, Board Member of the preschool education institution Mazulītis Rū.


About SIA Mazulītis Rū

SIA Mazulītis Rū engages in providing preschool and primary school education services. The company has two branches — in Riga and in Mārupe municipality. The company has experience of 20 years in total in work of private preschool educational institution, providing also additional services: — training for children and young people, foreign language classes, various interest education study groups. The company provides educational process for 286 children in total. In terms of number of children, it is one of the largest private kindergartens in Latvia.


For more information please contact:

Inese Kronberga
Head of Public Relations
Ph.: 29215409

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