BlueOrange is the first bank in Latvia to accept deposits remotely from residents of both Latvia and European Union countries: since June 2021, the bank provides an opportunity for individuals to open deposits online without visiting a bank and even opening a current account, thereby offering the depositors more flexibility and convenience.

“At the moment we see the our deposit products are probably the best on local market: it is easy and safe to open a deposit online, the deposit amount is not limited and we also offer one of the highest interest rates among Latvian banks,” states Marina Zaharova, BlueOrange Chief Operating Officer, Project Manager. “It should be noted that clients of other banks can also diversify their investments by placing part of their savings on deposit free of charge and without opening a current account at BlueOrange, thereby increasing the total amount of their investments covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Latvia,” 

Zaharova notes.

Such innovations indicate the continuous technological development of the bank, allowing it to introduce new services in line with modern requirements. A while ago, in May 2018, BlueOrange was the first bank in Latvia to provide online services to Latvian citizens located anywhere in the world. Within the next few months, the bank will significantly expand the remote account opening for individuals and will accept applications from residents of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as the UK and Switzerland.

According to Marina Zaharova,

“Opening a deposit online is really simple and has just few steps: the client fills out an application on the bank’s website, receives an e-mail notification of a successful review of the application with the deposit accounts details and transfers the deposit to the specified deposit account. After the transfer, the client receives a confirmation that the deposit has been accepted and the credentials for connecting to the BlueOrange Internet Bank”.

For more information on opportunities to place your funds in BlueOrange Deposit and the advantages offered by the bank, please see the bank’s website.

In case of any additional questions, please contact us by phone +371 67 031 333, by e-mail or in WhatsApp +371 26 552 244.

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