Acknowledging the importance of foreign direct investment and the corresponding need for trusted and established financial services for the aggregate development of the region, on November 5th, Finance Latvia Association together with the Sweedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia organized a joint discussion on compliance landscape in Latvia.

Recognizing that today’s financial sector throughout the Nordic-Baltic region encounters new challenges associated with the culture of compliance while businesses identify the numerous tackles hindering their integration in the market, Association held joint discussion with international and local experts on subjects regards compliance, AML/ KYC and other.

You are welcomed to watch presentations by participants here:

“FIU’s expectations on prudent AFC risk governance”
Ilze Znotiņa, Head of Latvian FIU

“AML situation in Estonia”
Aivar Paul, Chairman of AML Committee of Estonian Banking Association, Head of Anti – Money Laundering of LHV Bank; Estonia

“What banks expect from customers in KYC/AML area”

Kārlis Danēvičs, CAMS Co-chair of Lending Committee of the Finance Latvia Association, Member of the Board, KYC/ AML area

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