To help limit the spread of COVID-19 in Latvia, a range of precautionary and safety measures have been implemented. Measures are also focussed on the implementation of social distancing. Bank branches continue to serve clients in person, however, to protect the health of clients and those around you, we invite you to be responsible during this state of emergency and:

  1. Before you decide to arrive at branch in person, check – maybe the service you need is available electronically!
  2. Use remote consultation option to contact the bank: email, internet bank, phone, etc.
  3. Strictly abide by the safety measures and do not visit a bank in person if you have severe respiratory symptoms, or if you have been to or been in contact with someone who has returned from a COVID 19 affected region! Banks may indicate restrictions on in-person services for those in high-risk groups and ask to contact bank electronically.
  4. Bear in mind that banks may limit the number of people allowed in customer service premises at one time.
  5. Banks may choose to allow in-person consultations by appointment only, and only for services for which there is no remote alternative (picking up new card, if it is not possible to receive it by mail and activate online, internet bank activation and unblocking etc.).


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