• In March, the number of people who became clients of Citadele Bank remotely has tripled
  • Due to various errors, only one fifth of those who began the process of opening an account remotely succeeded
  • To help those who have difficulty using remote services, Citadele has introduced video consultations

For more than a year now, people have been able open a Citadele account remotely – by using the bank’s mobile app. In 2019, around 2,000 people opened accounts remotely.

Compared with time before the pandemic, the number of people who became clients of the bank using the app in March tripled. However, only one fifth of those who attempted to open an account remotely succeeded.

Main reasons for failing of opening an account remotely:

To become a Citadele client remotely via the app, the potential client must identify themselves, which involves taking a photo of themselves and their ID document. Bearing in mind that many did not read the guidelines for taking these photos, many people were unable to take a successful photo of themselves or their ID. Unsuccessful document photos, dirty cameras and blurry photos are the most common reasons why the remote account opening process is failing and the application is refused.

“Our task is to be sure of a potential client’s identity, which is why all documents must be clearly readable. Unfortunately, we often come across incomplete or blurry document photos due to the phone camera being dirty or the picture not being taken clearly, for example, fingers appearing in photos or insufficient lighting,”

 – explains Mārtiņš Bērziņš, Head of E-business at Citadele.

To ensure that clients spend less time applying for account remotely, we recommend to preparation for the process: sit at a table away from surrounding family members and with good lighting. Ensure that the document you wish to use to open your account is valid. Clean your phone camera lens. Follow the instructions on the app and select the correct type of ID (if you select passport, do not take a photo of your ID card and vice versa, as a passport will need only one photo, while those using an ID card will have to photograph each side). 

If you haven`t succeeded in remote onboarding, you can always call our customer support centre at 67010000 and apply for a video consultation. We have also answered some Frequently Asked Questions on the Citadele website:

More information:

Kristīne Mennika

Head of Corporate Communications

AS “Citadele banka”

Tel. 26528533


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