The Council of the Finance Latvia Association informs that Sanda Liepiņa, the incumbent Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman of the Management Board of the Finance Latvia Association, has accepted a new professional challenge and will leave her position on June 28th. Immediately after that, Sanda Liepiņa will start working at the World Bank Group in Washington DC, USA.

Over the last three years, under the leadership of Sanda Liepiņa, the Finance Latvia Association (hereinafter “Finance Latvia”) has accomplished very significant initiatives aimed at promoting self-regulation in the finance sector and developing legislative proposals to improve the functioning of the sector, as well as, engaged in significant educational and awareness-raising work on digital finance, governance, sustainability and AML/CFT issues. Finance Latvia has been a significant partner in negotiations with public authorities on issues that matter to the public at large as well as the corporates.

“In the past few years, Finance Latvia has become a well-respected business and negotiation partner to the government as well as various other institutions. Sanda Liepiņa played a significant role in transforming the Association into its current shape, considering her experience in coordinating and implementing policy issues. Finance Latvia is a membership organisation made up of the members of the finance and related sectors and the representatives thereof. This is exactly what gives Finance Latvia the drive and experience necessary to develop a finance sector that is as diverse as possible. We in Finance Latvia know that the finance sector plays an important role in every economy, therefore we think that maintaining a strong industry body is our long-term responsibility.”

– Chairman of the Board Mr. Guntis Beļavskis 


“I am proud of our achievements. Since the beginning of 2017, together with our partners in the public, private, NGO and academic sectors a lot has been accomplished in sustainable development of the finance and related sectors. We have been setting an example across Europe with our commitment in transforming our approach to achieve the highest AML/CFT compliance standards, promoting the usage of digital solutions in finance, our outlook on the development of the capital markets and responsible lending. I am grateful to my team and our counterparties for trust and mutual work, which was based on the three values of the Association – transparency, partnership and accountability,”

– says Sanda Liepiņa, CEO of Finance Latvia.

At the moment, the key plans and tasks of the Finance Latvia are:

  • an active participation of the finance sector in ensuring financial stability;
  • supporting the work of the members aimed at developing sustainable business models;
  • awareness raising on the digital skills among the Latvian public at large and in the business environment;
  • updating the regulatory framework of sustainable finance and investment.

The operational management of the Finance Latvia Association is ensured by the Board of the Association. After the changes, Mr. Jānis Brazovskis will step in as the Acting Chairman of the Board. In the near future The Council of the Finance Latvia Association will start the recruitment process of the new Finance Latvia CEO.

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